Americanization: Become An American

Topics: Learning, Ageism, Skill Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: February 23, 2013
In general, I really like this story, because it reflects a very real seeing in our life. Young people always think their old generation is old fashion which makes young people feel embarrassed. In fact, I am also this kind of young people; however, after reading this story, I entirely changed my mind. I do not really like to go out with my father because of his appearance; however, not his looking but the apparel. In this story, Shadrach Cohen is the main character. His sons, who are Abel and Gottlieb immigrated to America, invited him to their home and live together. However, the problem shows up. Their father is a very typical old fashion Russian; however, they already become very American. In this situation, they encourage their father to shave his beard and become more Americanized. Otherwise, he will make his son embarrassed. The main part of this story is when their father become very American, it actually ruin everything. In my viewpoint, I think this story is totally an ironic story. The two sons symbolize young men and Shadrach stands for the old generation. Therefore, I think everybody has their own style. Furthermore, the other point is ironic is the religion. During the dinner, Shadrach began to pray after the meal, which makes their sons cannot endure. However, at the end of this story, Shadrach leads the religion in American a big jump.

However, we cannot lose some good habit in our old live. Every culture has many good things we should learn. The salesman is impolite to Shadrach. So Shadrach expelled him. In Chinese traditional culture polite to other people and respect to old people are very important parts. When we polite to other one, they also polite to me. It is good for our live and social, and our live will have more smiles. Or our live will have many unhappy things and conflicts. We also should respect old people, because they lives are longer than ours and they have more live skills and experience. We can learn many useful and helpful...
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