American - a Nation of Immigrants

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According to Brimelow in his essay "A Nation of Immigrants," American were “one united people” a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs. Immigrate has come from distinctive places in the world just to be in American. What assemble a person an American? It’s the color of their skin, the way they talk, the way they carry themselves or is it commonly the act of doing what one thinks is an American that makes them that. I believe being an American is not losing your culture and doing as everyone does. American is built on various cultures and without all this diverse culture America would not be called America. People who are immigrate of other country sees America as a way of freedom they didn’t have in their country. Freedom is not given in other country as it is in America, for those immigrate who want a better life they have the desire to want to be in a country were by they can be able to live life the way they want and America offer that. For someone to truly be an American I believe they should be hard working and dedicated individual who want to make this country part of their own also to better it. We all have various cultures and religions believe and American allows us to practice what whatever it is that we want. Everyone wants the American dream, who wouldn’t want to have a better life than they do now. Being American means you are paying your taxes and making a difference, contributing to this country, it is not just because you’re born in America that makes you an American. We are all immigrate and being an American is simply the act of doing what is good and making a difference.
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