American Youth Overweight and Diabetic

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Health Pages: 8 (3009 words) Published: May 15, 2013
American Youth Obese and Diabetic
David Kleiman
DeVry University

PAGE1: Title page with author and Date of creation
Page 2.; Index
Pages 3-4: Outline
Page 5: Thesis Statement in the first paragraph
Pages 5-7: Body
Page 8: First graph depicting: Calories Available Per Capita Per day (This chart shows the difference in caloric consumption daily for the period 1970-2010). Page 9: Second Graph depicting: Calories Available Per Capita Per day (This chart shows the difference in caloric consumption daily for the period 1970-2010 but breaks the information down into the specific food groups in which the calories came from.). Page 10: Chart 3 depicting: The Proportion of overweight children ages 6-19 for the period 1963-2010 Pages 11-12: Body

Page 12: Conclusion Call To Action
Page 13 References

I. Thesis Statement:There is neither a stable nutrition plan nor an established physical fitness regime in our youth’s curriculum and this lack is greatly affecting our youth’s quality of life and even killing some. Bringing back good nutritional education, along with structured recesses and imposing a physical fitness requirement through grade 12 needs to be reestablished in the public school system. A. .Positive reason: One of the main reasons for good nutrition not being taught in our schools anymore, is simply that we as a nation are unable to come to an agreement as to what good nutrition actually is. B. Positive Solution : We must come together as a Nation and make a decision as to what is acceptable. If we cannot come to agreement as a nation concerned about the rising rates of childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes and we do not take a stand against this, then how can we expect our public schools to enforce it in the curriculum? C. Positive reason: The public schools used to have televisions in almost every classroom and often would show the science channels that discussed good health and good nutrition. Slowly but steadily these shows began creating such a controversy that confusion was being instilled amongst the students and teachers D. Debates on nutrition and physical fitness were on the rise in Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings. Bickering became violent outburst and nasty fights The schools were left with no other recourse than to withdraw nutritional education entirely. II. Indecision is leaving our children to face a cruel and horrible future. A. Negative problem: “For many people, the subject of good nutrition is a maze of conflicting advice. Even the experts can’t agree on much, which leads many people to simply give up and eat whatever they like”.(Berndin03/13/2013) B. Negative solution: It is no wonder they are dying, their being left to supply their own nutrition. Often they are met with the attitude that proclaims if they want to be active let them join a sports team it is not the public schools problems anymore. These kids are our children and the future of this world; they most certainly are everyone’s problem including the public school system. C. Negative problem: There has been a steady rise in the amount of juvenile diabetes cases and deaths as a result of complications from extreme obesity related ailments and disorders in the past 40 years .

D. Call to action: While writing this paper three things substantially stood out that we as a nation of concerned parents can do that will make a drastic change in the future of our kids and our nation 1. The parents must first be aware there are problems of epidemic proportions and that there are also some solutions. 2.The parents must get involved actively in the solutions available and fight as if their children’s lives depend on it because they do. 3.You must speak up and be heard. You must attend meeting and vote affirmatively when available and always as often as permitted

American Youth Obese and Diabetic
There is neither a stable nutrition plan nor an...
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