American Way of War

Topics: World War II, United States, President of the United States Pages: 6 (2476 words) Published: November 13, 2011
As Americans, do we ever think about how other Americans view the American Way of War? Do Americans ever stop to think about the fact that even though we read the same books and watch the same TV news program that we all grow up in different homes which have varying views of the American Way of War. If Americans were ask their friends or family what their view was, it would more than likely be very close to their own view. Those same Americans do not take the time to step back and realize that it is possible for other Americans to have different views of the American Way of War. Let’s take a step back to reality and look at the possible outlooks that Americans do have on the war and how each of these views vary. First there is the Idealist view of the American Way of War. The Idealist is certain America goes to war because we need to fight our enemies that want to destroy our democracy. These enemies want to take away our freedom and threaten us with their evil ways. While Idealists believes that we must go to war to fight our enemies they believe that war only happens in “the most extreme circumstances” because we are a peaceful nation full of democracy. In order to defend our nation, the Idealist thinks we have to use “a substantial portion of our collective wealth” to protect our nation. Next we have the Dissenter’s view; empire is the name of the game and America does it with guns blazing. From this point of view it is thought that Americans have spilt blood all over this country in order to make the US take over “from sea to shining sea” and will continue to do so until we control every bit of land on planet earth, perhaps even outer space. The man at the gym, according to the Dissenter, with the big muscles who groans and does not let you use the machine next to him because it will make him stronger is America. The American people are the guy at the gym flexing our big muscles in the face of anyone that wants to look our way, not because they are a threat but because we have to be the greatest person in town. We will take what we want because we are Americans and it is the manifest destiny that guides us. The Dissenter does not believe we are living in a democratic nation, he/she understands that the government and the top few rule this land. Jingoists declare with unwavering certainty that whether or not American people feel that their country is going to war for the right reasons, Americans must support the government. If the government says we should go off and defeat the Canadians because they looked at us funny, then as Americans we must make sure they are crushed. In this “struggle for survival”, the greatest will come through and according to the Jingoist, America is the greatest so we will be the top of the survival game. Jingoists pretend to care about democracy and spreading it to other countries, when the real goal is to continue to build our empire. The Jingoist does not care about Liberty and Justice except when it used by the government to cover up Americas empire building ways. In order to survive America must continue to “seize the moment” and improve the world. Even if Americans are wrong we must never ever show it to anyone, if we set out to defeat an enemy we must fully defeat them leaving nothing in our wake. In order to fully understand each view, the facts these views are based on should be examined. As for the Idealists, they carry around a bucket of ideas the government gave them. Some of these ideas are that our nation is peace loving, we humanely fought our wars, the enemy is always lurking and the nation is 100% democratic. If Idealists get questioned they may resort to this bucket with quick one line answers neatly laid out for them by the government. This would not work when the Idealist encountered a Dissenter, as the Idealist would be shot down with various pieces of evidence undermining his/her ideals. For example, Idealists believe America is a peace...
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