American vs. Italian Culture

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  • Published : September 21, 2009
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`Italian Culture vs. American Culture`
Kimberly Nyholm
Anthropology 101
Ms. Winn
September 2, 2009
Cultures 2
`Being born in a multicultural family I have always been curious on my Italian side. My Mother’s family is all Italian and I have always been so interested in their or our culture. My father is German, Irish and Swedish so all together I am a melting pot. The Italians just really interest me I’m not sure if it’s because they are very verbal, or what but now I totally understand the reason why I am who I am.` Cultures 3

Italian vs. American Culture
` Being raised in a multi-cultural family I have decidedto research Italian culture vs. American culture. There are so many similarities of the two. I have learned so much about the reasons why I am who I am. In my research I have learned that people are people no matter what culture.` Italian culture is so exciting. Italians are in touch with their appearance more than anything. They like to look good, and by doing so are very fashionable. From gold jewelry to name brand clothing the Italians have a real sense of style. They are very self conscience people who worry about what people think of them. ` Italians are also very family oriented people. Their family is the center of their lives and they try to “make their family proud”. The women of Italy are very hard workers they are taught to work for their families and are home bodies. The men of Italy are very outspoken with their woman they compliment there women daily and show signs of affection on a regular basis.` American culture is similar to the Italian culture in many ways. Family is very important to Americans as they too are our focal point of our lives. Fashion is not a Cultures 4

`necessity, although people do like to stereotype against the less fortunate. Americans are very hard workers and take pride in their work. We are a very multi-cultural nation with many kinds of races,...
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