American vs. European Dream

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American Dream 1

American Dream vs. European Dream

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American Dream vs. European Dream

What is the American Dream? The American Dream is not something we've invented but inherited. To obtain the American Dream meant accumulating possessions, position, and prestige for all citizens. Thomas Jefferson penned that dream into the Declaration of Independence, which states "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". It's about our potential to make a positive difference in our world. Many would argue that the American Dream is lost and that the European Dream is one of fulfillment, and interdependence. Rifkin (2007) stated "The European Dream is a beacon of light in a troubled world. It beckons us to a new age of inclusivity, diversity, quality of life, sustainability, universal human rights, the rights of nature , and peace on earth" (p. 460). Did Americans fail at acquiring their dream or has their dream changed to move along with society? The American Dream has many interpretations, for everyone it is something different. It could be the white picked fence, the nice house, dogs, and 2.5 kids. Or maybe it's owning your own business, or becoming rich and famous. While the American Dream certainly could include some of all of these things, none of them by themselves constitutes the American Dream. Instead, they are a result of it. It's not the material things that make the American Dream but the freedom to pursue one's goals, the material things are only a part of the freedom, not the root of it. It is our belief that we can do whatever we choose that brings our dreams to life. "We are a people who threw out the yoke of tyranny and vowed never...
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