American vs China

Topics: Negotiation, Interpersonal relationship, Mediation Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Watch the clips about three large markets, China, India, and Russia, posted below and explain, give examples, and analyze information about negotiating techniques in these cultures. Follow Directions A, B, and C and post your responses on the discussion Board. Every student should answer A, B, and C questions. Respond to your peers in a timely manner. A. Which differences between American and Chinese styles of business negotiations strike you most of all? How would you handle those in real negotiations? (Watch “Comparing American and Chinese Negotiation Styles”) B. How do the negotiations shown in “Doing A Deal in India, Parts 1 and 2” fit the framework for Indian negotiators given in Moran & Harris, p. 80-81. Give examples from the clips. C. What tips for a business negotiation meeting in Russia would you draw from the clips “Etiquette – Business – Russia” and “Russia Culture and Business Etiquette”? What is important for an American business man to know about the framework for Russian negotiators?

For example, negotiators in both cultures were more successful when taking a problem-solving approach. Alternatively, the Chinese negotiators tended to ask many more questions and to interrupt one another more frequently than their American counterparts. Americans are also known to be impatient, which stems from the American tendency to get straight to the point and go for the goal. Americans see Chinese negotiators as inefficient, indirect, and even dishonest, while the Chinese see American negotiators as aggressive, impersonal, and excitable. Such differences have deep cultural origins. Yet those who know how to navigate these differences can develop thriving, mutually profitable, and satisfying business relationships. A. The Chinese are mostly people centered; they are holistic in nature and spend a lot of time dealing with formalities and pleasantries. On the other hand, Americans are also known to be impatient, which stems from the American tendency...
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