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American Values
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In today’s multicultural, pluralistic society that we call the United States, our values are viewed as goals that are attainable by all. But this is truly a difference of opinion and is questionable on what is believed to be valued. According to Sociologist Robin Williams (1965), he identified ten values that are shared by Americans. Although there are more than ten values existing today, I will only be commenting on three that I believe to be common American Values.

Hard work is an American value that is expected of all Americans. This particular value holds true in the eyes of the millions of working Americans. If hard work is not accomplished, one does not reap the benefits of it. America was founded on hard work. It is evident in American history, one can read about the railroad workers laying tracks for the expansion of commerce, and it is also seen in the architecture all around. Hard work is important to the American way of life because of the stability and pride it offers when it is accomplished. It also offers a model for future generations to reiterate its importance.

Americans also find material comfort to be an important value. This value is also expected when coupled with hard work. The reason these two values complement each other so well are without one the other cannot really exist. Material value is categorized as items of necessity such as: good nutritional diet, medical care and housing. However in today’s high tech society there seems to be an unnecessary need for cell phones, laptops and Wi-Fi. With material value continuing to become a core value in Americans, there is no telling what the outcome of society will become for future generations. Just know without hard work, material comfort would be a distant dream.

Now that I have your attention on two important values, I would like to introduce the most important American value, FREEDOM. This is every Americas “God given right.” It is a...
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