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September 16, 2012
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The Aspect
A picture is worth a thousand words. When I was young, I knew the United States through TV, books, and studying in a school. Many people talked about American culture. They always argued about Thai values and American values, and the majority of people conclude that there are rather different ways. Some people don’t like American values, but some people don’t like Thai values. However, I couldn’t understand or imagine American culture because I had never been here until the day I touched down in the land of America. Since that day I have seen interesting ways of American values, there are obviously different ways about eating, family and studying in a classroom between Thai people and American people.

First, value is different I see is eating, such as time to eat, spending time in restaurants and giving waiters tips. Most of restaurants in America have similar official times to open and close. For example, some restaurants open for lunch from 11.00 am. to 02.00 pm, and from 04.00 pm. to 10.00 pm for dinner. That means you can’t have lunch if you come between 02.01 to 03.59 pm. On the part of customers, they like to take time to enjoy talking more than eating, and they also talk to waiters. Therefore, many people will bring food back home after a long conversation. They think restaurants are the place to relax and meet someone after hard working. Furthermore, Americans give waiters good tips. As I know they will pay 15-20 percent of whole price because they know this is hard work and Americans don’t like to do this work. In contrast to Thailand, many restaurants in Thailand are open in the morning until they close at night. Moreover, some restaurants are open for 24 hours. Some people have a barrow to sell foods to drive through a village, building or wherever. Those means you can eat whenever you want. On the part of customers, they take more time to eat than speak, and they don’t talk to waiters. As a...
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