American Tongues Essay 1

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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A)Dialects are a natural , invevitable part of cultural and regional differences in American society. Discuss one or two examples of dialects seen in the video.(Please no more than 2 examples.)

Example 1
I was engaged for awhile to a “Yalie” who sounded like a Yalie to me, although he had a trace of a Southern accent. I thought sort a Bill Faulkner, Truman Capote accent, you know, when you’re twenty you don’t, you know, make these distinctions and I went home to meet his family, ah, at Christmas. And as we drove further South from New Haven, his accent got heavier and heavier. It became filled with all these hillbilly kind of regionalisms, you know, this real kind of you all stuff and as well a lot of the hand gestures, this was, this man was becoming a different person as we went— mostly the language. By the time we got to Sparta, um, I had had it. I just knew that someone with those little accents was not gonna crawl around inside of me. I was not gonna have little Southern babies who talked like that and I got on a plane home. No question.

Example 2
I don’t think they perhaps have the same values of hospitality that we do in the South. And so I associate all of that with the sound of their voice. And it’s um, grating on your ears, maybe our sound is also, but it’s usually their nasal, um, and a lot of times the things they say are not kind.

B) There are variety of attitudes toward dialects that are illustrated in “ American Tongues”. Some dialects are discriminated against and/or seen as inferior. Discuss one example of dialect seen as inferior and one of dialect seen as superior.

Inferior : Black Dialect.

This suggested they believed that Black dialect was an inferior dialect and a poor attempt to speak Standard English, they were labeled as racist, holding negative views about African-Americans. Consequently, until the name and the theories were changed, Black English was a scarcely...
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