American Success: the Unending Influence of Puritan Values

Topics: Sociology, United States, Harvey Keitel Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Austin Phung
English 3P
Mr. Loewen
October 5, 2012
American Success: The Unending Influence of Puritan Values
American success has always been built on this idea that hard work itself is a good thing and will be for many more centuries. We as young Americans see hard work as a sign of good character and we admire these people who work hard for success. Those successful people are our inspiration and role model in this society of hard work. Because of the “Puritan” work ethic in us, students are challenging themselves and trying with the best of their ability to overcome their laziness and complete their assignments within their time limit to be as successful as the people they admire.

We all know that the United States is the land of opportunity; it is why our ancestors have decided to immigrate to this great country. In order to take advantage of this golden opportunity to improve our lives and our social hierarchy, hard work is seen as a sign of good character. Young Americans see hard work as the road to success. We see this at our school through students taking the opportunity to work hard in honor, accelerated and advanced placement classes. The student’s own will to take advanced courses shows that young Americans are willing to challenge themselves. The difficult work students put themselves in is a perfect example of the “Puritan” work ethic that still lies in us. Success is a student’s main goal, and to achieve it, we must work hard in order to bring us the success we all strive for. Even today, young Americans despise laziness; we can all acknowledge that laziness is not good for our well-being or even for our future. Laziness does not bring us anywhere except into a worst situation and further away from our goals and self-satisfaction. Even though we complain about all the work our teachers assign to us, we still manage to get it done. Some days, students forced themselves to resolve to pulling what they call an “allnighterr” in an attempt to...
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