American Sign Language Verus Oral Communication

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American Sign Language Versus Oral Communication
What is different between American Sign Language and oral communication? We will discuss how they compare and contrast. This will show how Deaf and hard of hearing people use each form and what the advantages and preferences are.

American Sign Language (ASL) is predominantly used by the Deaf and hard of hearing for communication purposes. The language of ASL incorporates facial expressions, body language, and gestures. Another feature is fingerspelling which uses the hands to form letters. Some people who use ASL can hear and speak while others cannot. ASL can connect Deaf and hard of hearing people to hearing people by using an interpreter. Sign Language interpreters listen English and translate it into ASL. Those people who are Deaf or hard of hearing and need an interpreter for academic purposes, doctor appointments, job interviews, and conferences to name a few can request those services. Deaf and hard of hearing can request for an interpreters through the offices then offices request the interpreter from agency. For example, when I called doctor office to make an appointment and I requested an interpreter. Doctor office will call the agency for an interpreter. Doctor office is reasonable to call the agency to hire an interpreter. ASL also facilitates communicating with others who use ASL.

Oral communication is refers to spoken verbal communication including speech, lip reading, and voice training. While some Deaf and hard of hearing people that have cochlear implants or hearing aids can communicate using ASL, others rely on oral communication. They use oral communication to connect with their family and friends, for education and every day life in general. Oral communication may help them more than those who are dependent on ASL.

I prefer to use American Sign Language because it is an easier for me to communicate and socialize with other deaf people. I feel more comfortable with the language ASL...
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