American Robin and Young Man

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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1. Capacity
to become successful you must have capacity to take hard work and working hard.  a lot of people think they can be successful without working hard. Highly successful people are never lazy. They have a huge capacity for working hard. 2. Clear

Highly successful people have a clear vision and mission of what they want to do. A clear vision of their success they work towards. |
3. Competent
One of the habit highly successful people practice is being good at what they do. Even if they do not have the skills and knowledge initially, you can almost be certain they would learn it in due course. They would never let the lack of competency deter them from achieving their dreams. 4. Consistent 

“doing well is not enough. Giving your best in EACH of your undertaking is more important.” Consistently giving your best shot in each of your assignment will in the long run bear fruits of your labor. 5. Conviction

you can almost be certain that each of these successful people have a deep conviction of what they want to achieve. A deep belief of what they want to do and how they will achieve it. No matter what is thrown their way, they press on. They believe they are their own success maker. Ask yourself, as a career builder, what is your conviction? 6. Courage 

Quite a few of these successful people are self-made millionaires. Some of them have no tertiary education but that did not stop them from charging forward against all odds. The courage to take calculated risks is a big factor in their success. As a career builder, I encourage you to pick one or two of these 6 habits highly successful people practice. Implement them for yourself and see the results over time. 

However, my first exposure to the idea of compliance was not in a psychology book, but beneath a tree decades ago when my grandfather, in a moment of playfulness, showed me something startling with a stick and a few red feathers. One day, he handed me a long stick with a clump of red...
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