American Rhapsody: Personality Analysis

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  • Published : May 12, 2007
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American Rhapsody: Personality Analysis

The American Rhapsody is a historical drama depicting the life of a Hungarian family during the 1950's and 60's. The story, based on true events, tells how this family of four fled communist Hungary during the Russian occupation and came to the United States in hope of a better, and oppression free life. Because of the dangers of the escape through barb wired borders and mine fields, the family is forced to leave their new-born baby, Zsuzsi behind to the care of loving family friends. Five years later Zsuzsi is finally able to join her family in America—a family she never knew before. She grows up to be a rebellious teenager, who has an extremely conflictuous relationship with her mother, Margit because Zsuzsi still struggles to figure out which family she really belongs to. At age 16 the girl finally returns to Hungary on a trip where she discovers what horror her mother escaped when she left her homeland. She also realizes that her roots made her who she is but she really belongs in America with her mother.

In this paper I will analyze the two main characters of the movie: Zsuzsi, and her mother Margit. I will examine their characters in the light of two theories: Erikson's stages of ego development and Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Since the movie follows the life of this family through sixteen years, I decided to focus on their personalities at the time the conflict starts between Zsuzsi and her mother. The movie provides the greatest insight to this time period of their lives as well. Personality Analysis: Zsuzsi

Erikson's 5th stage: identity vs. role confusion: Erikson's fifth stage of ego development is a perfect demonstration of Zsuzsi's rebellious teenager character. This stage, generally typical to adolescence is mainly concerned with the ego continuity in a changing, growing personality. The source of Zsuzsi's negative identity is mostly that she does not feel like an integral part of her family nor she...
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