American Revolution Was Inevitable

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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The American Revolution was Inevitable, because the British are constant taxing the Americans and the reason for the settlement meant to lead Revolution. From the very beginning, when the first separatist stepped on the New Land, he was looking forward to have a new life and a new start on this new land. The whole purpose for the New England colony is to change the way they lived in the old England. Also for the South colony, maybe at the very beginning, they came for an economy reason, more gold and profit not for a new life, but the majority of the south colony was indenture slaves and farmers who lived a miserable life in New England. They immigrated to American because they wanted to live better. Although the two regions of colony set up for different reasons, they still have one thing in common which is to change who they were or how they lived in England. To sum up, the primary reason for the colonies meant to lead Revolution. On the other hand, after the colonies were settled, the way British government treated the colonists also provoked the American Revolution. After the seven year war, England faced the economy problem so they started to tax the colony from many aspects. Although the reason for the tax is to pay for the money spent on protects the colonies, the colonies are getting used to their liberty. They sniffed strong scents of conspiracy from the tax. They thought the England were trying to destroy their liberty and tried to control them again. The reactions to people who trying to destroy your liberty no doubt will be defense the intruders.