American Revolution: Serve as Most Significant Events in World History

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The American Revolution served as one of the most significant events in world history up until its point and time and even time after. Arguably, it still is today, but the idea of the war is the source of debate among historians. The American Revolution is thought to be a true "revolution", in the way that it brought radical changes in the form of obliterating the monarchy. From the view of spectators outside the colonies, the revolution represented colonists, small farming workers who were disbanded throughout the land coming together united and throwing aside the mighty army of England and forming a new nation. The American Revolution was one of the most epoch making events and a huge turning point in history because it signaled not only the radicalism of change in North America but a revolutionary period that triggered change through all of the Americas. The American Revolution created a society that was based off of both democratic and republic ideas to create one of the most liberally-minded societies to date. The hierarchy of the old monarchy and aristocracy was abolished and replaced with a new kind of social structures in the thirteen colonies, though all thirteen states were not affected equally. For Loyalists, members of the colonies who wanted to remain loyal to England, the result of the Revolutionary War meant a danger to themselves. They were forced to flee, mostly to Canada and England itself, in search of refuge. During the war, in states such as Georgia and South Carolina, British troops had occupied land that used slave labor, and England set these slaves free to fight in the army. After the war, instead of returning to plantations, Great Britain relocated these former slaves outside of the United States. The king and Parliament in England had restricted the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains, because it felt it would not be able to protect the colonists once they entered Indian territory. With the political bonds severed,...
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