American Revolution Grid

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American Revolution Grid

For each event listed, provide a synopsis of the position taken by the British Parliament and that of the American Patriots. Be sure to show the contrast between the opposing viewpoints.

|Event |British Parliament |American Patriots | |French and Indian War |Due to the French fur traders and missionaries moving west in to British |By the late 1750s, the time of the French Indian War, the American Patriots “…had long ago | | |territory, England went to war with France and the Iroquois for control over |become accustomed to running their own affairs and had been fighting for over two years | | |North America. This war lasted seven years, during this time England made the |without much assistance or direction from the British. They resented these new impositions | | |colonists provide food and shelter for the English soldiers and made the |[The English Secretary of State took full military control of America in an attempt to | | |colonists fight in their battles. In the end, England won the war and not only |transform the war effort] and firmly resisted them… [106].” Despite being in a war against | | |stopped the French from moving further into the interior but also gained some |the allied French and Indians, the American Patriots were more upset with the British for | | |support of the colonies that they now solely controlled. |instating control over the well-developed colonies as if they were unruly children. | |Stamp Act |Because the seven year war, England was in a state of economic disarray and in |Viewed by the colonies as a...
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