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Topics: American Revolution, British Empire, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: January 2, 2012
Carly Zeravica
American Revolution Essay
Period 3

When did the American Revolution start? Some historians say that it began after the French and Indian War ended in 1763 and others say that it began when the colonists first came to North America in 1607. Regardless, the colonists achieved separation from the changeless ways in Britain and created new ideas for the “new world.” After years of ignorance from Britain, the colonies began to form their own identity as a whole. They now had a vision of their future, but were restrained in numerous ways by the British. However, the colonists refused to tolerate British limitations. The American Revolution was a product of colonial rejection to Britain’s attempts at taxation, legislation, and economic control.

Britain’s triumph in the Seven Years’ War came with a price. Britain acquired a large amount of land from the defeated empires of France and Spain, accompanied by a large amount of debt. About half of this debt was a result of defending the American colonies. Therefore, the British government began taxing the colonies in order to pay off their substantial monetary obligation. Americans became infuriated, especially with officials such as Prime Minister George Grenville, who imposed The Sugar Act. This placed a tax on foreign sugar imported from the West Indies. The British viewed taxation as colonial compensation for protection. The Sugar Act excitement settled after the duty was lowered, but it was soon followed by more taxing. Charles Townshend, a British politician, influenced Parliament to pass the Townshend Acts. These acts placed an import tax on items such as glass, paper, and tea. Colonists rebelled once again, creating nonimportation agreements against the Townshend Acts. Although colonists were primarily angry with the tax on tea, they ignored the duties and began smuggling. Ultimately, taxation was a British effort to abuse the rights of the Americans. Taxes, along with Parliamentary...
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