American Revolution Changes

Topics: American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: February 20, 2011
American Revolution Goals
In every society people will have disagreements. Everyone has a different opinion. The colonists had minor disagreements with the British, but these grew to lead to the Revolutionary War. American Colonists had many tangible goals that were undertaken by the Revolution. We successfully satisfied our political and economic goals, but were far less successful in civil and social changes.

The colonists had many different view points than the British. One of the major differences was politics. The Americans deeply despised not having any representation in parliament. (Document F) The government did not use the trial by jury which is what the colonists wanted. (Document A) The Great Awakening made the Americans realize that they wouldn’t go to hell if they didn’t obey the king. The Declaration of Independence (Document G) justified our right to overthrow the oppressing government. The revolution was carried out with boycotts, the Stamp Act Congress, and petitioning the king. But overall violence in the war was what gained their independence and political rights.

Another goal achieved was economic rights. Parliament was passing many orders, and act affecting the American Economy. The Navigation Acts strictly lowered the colonists’ rights to trade freely. The British were directing all commerce to them for profit. The Americans wanted to regulate their own trade. (Document I) Loads of taxes were also difficult for the merchants in America to pay. England was always in conflict with other nations. Every time they went to war it lowered the trade of the Americans. (Document B) North America was full of resources so the colonists knew they could support themselves, and gain other foreign assistance. (Document A) The Americans started industrializing, and were able to regulate own trade and taxes making us self-sufficient. and economic goals the social and civil rights didn’t change. Although the Declaration of Independence states that...
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