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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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My amazing American Revolution paper
There were many factors that led to the American Revolution, such as the stamp act, French and Indian war, and the Townshend Acts. Even though each of these causes were very important the Stamp act was the most important and ultimately overturned the American government of that time. The Stamp act was this important because it caused the Boston tea party and led to the intolerable acts. I will be explaining these factors from the economic, cultural, and psychological perspectives. In the mid to late 1700 an act was set into order called “The Stamp act.” This act was a follow up to the sugar act and what it did was place a stamp onto paper products and other similar products. This act really shows an impact on the economic perspective at the time. The stamp showed that the product had been purchased and also showed that there would be an extra fee at check out. The reason this act is such a big deal is because the colonist had no tolerance for this unfair act that they had been forced to accept. In revolt on the 16th of 1773 over 100 members of the Son’s of Liberty approached the Griffin’s Wharf where the tea ships of the East India Company were docked. The members were dressed as Native Americans the 100 members dispatched onto the three ships. The members boarded the ships and began removing chests of tea and throwing them overboard into the Boston Harbor there were 342 chests thrown overboard costing in today’s currency around $14654.63. This was a huge burden on the economy at the time. While this uprising was a huge success for the colonist there were consequences. In the spring of 1774 an act passed known as the Intolerable acts. These acts were considered incredible ridiculous and the effect of them was mass boycotting of all/most British goods. When the acts were asked to be repealed the government simply refused. This is why the Stamp act was the most important cause to the American Revolution. (American Revolution:...
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