American Revolution and Doc

Topics: Continental Army, American Revolution, George Washington Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Small living spaces, horrible conditions, and sickness like you would not believe. These are only some of the poor conditions at the American Revolution winter camp known as Valley Forge. The harsh environment that Valley Forge that the soldiers were given caused many soldiers to quit. If I were a soldier at Valley Forge, I also would have quit because of the rising increase of deaths, the severe atmosphere, and the chances of not knowing what whether could come, I think it would not be worth staying. Death was definitely a problem at Valley Forge. For example, in February of 1778, there were eight thousand soldiers at Valley Forge (Doc A). Out of those eight thousand soldiers, half of them were sick. The low estimate of American soldiers who died was about 1,800 soldiers (Doc A). This shows how difficult it was to survive at Valley Forge. I’m sure it was very challenging for the soldiers to go through these conditions. One doctor who was a part of the war kept entries on the soldier’s conditions throughout their stay. He described how sick the soldiers and he is, stating that he “vomits half his time” (Doc C). By reading Waldo’s entries, it can be proven that some of the deaths were because of the poor living conditions. The living conditions at Valley Forge were far from five star hotels in the Hamptons. Soldiers slept in log huts with no windows and very poor ventilation (BE). Dr. Waldo (a doctor) wrote, “My skin and eyes are almost spoiled with continual smoke” (Doc C). He also mentions how the food is poor, the weather’s cold, the clothes and food are nasty, and he feels exhausted (Doc C). Based on this description, it would seem like a pretty smart idea to quit. George Washington, the man who led the Continental Army, realized this. In fact, soldiers would cry through the camp “No meat! No meat!” That is why Washington presented the army to the Congressional Committee to show them that they need better food, training, and living conditions (Doc B)....
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