American Revolution Allegory

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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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Melat Kiros
Pd.7 1/15/2011

The American Revolution Allegory…Sequel!

Yes, I’m sure you remember the 13 children from the original story but we’re now in the future and these kids are all grown up! They knew it would be extremely hectic if they had more than one child with their spouse so they all had just one. 13 only child’s with 12 other cousins. Pretty smart if you think about it. Anyway, these cousins all grew up with each other. No doubt about it they knew everything about the other. Before the parents knew it those kids were growing up, and fast! They all wanted more freedom! They wanted cell phones, later curfews, and more allowance money. They grew attitudes too. The parents knew they had no choice but to do to their children as their parents had done to them. They remember the hatred they had towards their parents but looking at how they all turned out, they thought of it at “tough love”. They eased up on the decisions they made though. The children definitely did not see it coming. Instead of getting cell phones, later curfews, and more allowance money they got no cell phone, an earlier curfew, and no more allowance money. They were all together shipped to an island with a private school where they were the only students. There was another school on the other side of the island where they were absolutely not allowed to go anywhere near. They thought they would survive and started scheming by finding some goods on the island and found a way to sell it to the kids on the other school. They were caught soon enough and now the parents decided to not pay for the children’s school books and make them work for it. The children loathed their parents and decided to rebel some more. This time, the parents were much stricter! Now all children had amped up security and they were monitored 24/7 and they had security in their bedroom’s and they had to tend to them. Feed them, house them, tend to them, and so on. One of the security guards started...
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