American Revolution

Topics: American Revolutionary War, George Washington, Continental Army Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Timeline: In the last lesson, you read about the British victory at Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. Create a time line of the important battles of the Revolutionary War beginning with Fort Ticonderoga and ending with the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781. 5/10/1775|The Siege of Fort Ticonderoga |Fort Ticonderoga, New York| 5/27/1775|The Battle of Chelsea Creek|Suffolk County, Massachusetts| 6/16/1775|The Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill |Charlestown, Massachusetts| 12/31/1775|The Battle of Quebec|Quebec City, Province of Quebec| 8/27/1776|The Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn Heights)|Long Island, New York| 10/28/1776|The Battle of White Plains|White Plains, New York| 11/16/1776|The Battle of Fort Washington|Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York| 12/26/1776|The Battle of Trenton |Trenton, New Jersey[->0]|

1/3/1777|The Battle of Princeton |Princeton, New Jersy|
8/6/1777|The Battle of Oriskany|Oriskany, New York|
8/16/1777|The Battle of Bennington|Bennington, New York|
9/11/1777|The Battle of Brandywine|Near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania| 9/19/1777|The Battle of Saratoga (Freeman's Farm)|Saratoga County, New York| 10/4/1777|The Battle of Germantown |Germantown, Pennsylvania| 10/7/1777|The Battle of Saratoga (Bemis Heights)|Saratoga County, New York| 6/28/1778|The Battle of Monmouth|Monmouth, New Jersey|

12/29/1778|The Capture of Savannah|Savannah, Georgia|
3/29/1780|The Siege of Charleston|Charleston, South Carolina| 8/16/1780|The Battle of Camden|North of Camden, South Carolina| 10/7/1780|The Battle of King's Mountain|Near Blackburn, SC and King's Mountain, NC| 1/17/1781|The Battle of Cowpens|Cowpens, South Carolina|

3/15/1781|The Battle of Guilford Courthouse|Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina| 9/8/1781|The Battle of Eutaw Springs |Near present-day Eutawville, South Carolina| 10/9/1781|The Battle of Yorktown |Yorktown, Virginia|

·Write two paragraphs that explain the following: Who were the British allies and how did they help them to win so many battles?...
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