American Religious Freedom

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American Religious Freedom
The American revolution is not like many others, the colonists are well educated and work hardy people. So how has the American citizen’s religious freedom changed over the years? The religious freedom all comes down to how it all first started. The Puritan voyage across the Atlantic ocean was challenging, but the destination of North America was the place of interest to having your free choice of religion.

Freedom of religion means the world to some people in this world, past or present and most likely the future. How the free choice of almost any religion was in North America, but when settlers started that it was mostly a Puritan religion and that’s it. If a non-caucasian came to the Americas during the time of settlement, they were most likely a slave which did not have a freedom of anything. Since everything was still pretty much ran by the British Empire in the North America at the time, everything was well recorded and if that person missed church he/she would be fined. Once the colonists became sick and tired of the British rule, militia begin to uprise against their King/Queen. Once the United States of America has been founded, complete religious freedom has been finalized and many other religions will sprout and take root in America.

Eventually the United States begins to flourish and becomes a stable country. Along with that, many other religions have finally sprouted up showing that religious freedom was present. Even though there was religious freedom it was strict, “Dozens of dissenters were whipped, threatened, or otherwise abused by mobs often supported by officials if you did not participate in the weekly sermon.” Even Christianity was strict at the beginning of the United States, imagine how it would’ve been for other religions such as the Jewish. Even though some religions had it rough in the beginning years, they still had the right to have their own choice in what they believed in. Especially when...
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