American Red Cross

Topics: American Red Cross, Clara Barton, International Committee of the Red Cross Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The American Red Cross
I was watching newscast when a report about hurricane sandy came on. The American Red Cross helps people in most situations around the world. The Reporter was interviewing a woman victimized by hurricane sandy. A gust of wind made the woman’s hair tickle her nose when an American Red Cross worker came over and gave her a big, puffy coat with a fuzzy trim at the hood. Believe it or not, the American Red Cross was not always a widely known charity. The American Red Cross Started in 1881, following Clara Bartons’ trip to Europe shortly after the civil war. Barton campaigned for ratification of the Geneva Convention, a small charity that protects the war-injured. The Convention was ratified in 1882. Barton led the American Red Cross for 23 years before she died. The American Red Cross impacts millions of lives across the globe. Local Red Cross buildings in your area have multiple extensive training programs that a focused an a wide variety of subjects. The Red Cross educates people in more than just CPR. The Red Cross has training programs that include babysitting training, lifeguard training, CPR training and certification, and many more coarses. The American Red Cross has saved thousands, maybe even millions of lives and people in need. I truly believe that if we, as a community, care for the needs of people that are not as fortunate as we are, we could have a positive effect on the lives of people in our community. Not only would they be greatful for our acts of kindness, you would feel good for helping people. You never know, you could end up saving someone’s life yourself.

Bibliography: Grabianowski, Ed.  "How the American Red Cross Works"  05 January 2006. <>  26 February 2013.
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