American Rangeland and Forest

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Forest| Forest Location| Brief History of Forest| What are current land management problems?| What are the current federal land management strategies that address these problems?| What is one sustainable effort that should be implemented?| Roosevelt| Colorado| Roosevelt was formed on May 22, 1902 in the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado. The forest has six wilderness areas and is 813,985 acres. The forest is managed with Arapaho National Forest and Pawnee National Grassland.| Some of the current land management problems in the Roosevelt National Forest include water diversion and development, recreational shooting, and wind generation. | They try to inform the people who visit, but it seems to not be working because it still remains the 3rd largest forest that is used for recreational shooting| A sustainable effort that should be implemented with the Roosevelt is to limit the amount of recreational activity that goes on with the forest to protect the wildlife that lives with the forest.|

Action Items| Action Steps| Timeline|
Introduce the problem| * Introduce the problem to people that care about saving the forest through newsletters * Inform Federal Government on ways that the can get involved to help save the Roosevelt National Forest * Set up meetings with the local community and people that often visit the Roosevelt Forest| 1-6 months| Educated the locals, people who visit, and the people that work for the forest on how they can help| * Inform them on ways that can help reduce recreational shooting problems * Let them know what recreational shooting is doing to the forest and the wildlife that is very important to the forest| 6-9 months| Tell them the effects of what recreational shooting is doing to the forest| * Inform them on the importance of the land is to the state and the world| 1 year| Actions to take| * Let them know how they can get involved in saving the Roosevelt Forest * Engage the people...
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