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Topics: United States, Patriot, Nationalism Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: May 28, 2013
What is a patriot, what is patriotism? The word patriot as an American and a solider I hear this word thrown around a lot. I hesitate to say loosely because most peoples intentions are sincere; in honest truth most people have a very limited understanding of the meaning and depth of the word. Though since, they often do not comprehend in entirety the true implications of the word patriot. The word patriot is bounced around so much in today’s media, talk-show host's, news anchors, politicians all use this word as an intricate part of their vocabulary and lingo. Often to a butchering of it's original and sacred meaning. They use it to describe people whom stand in the way of true patriotism more often then not, men who by the casual and trite use of the word disregard the storied, honorable history of the word and dishonor the very men and women of ages past that were real and true patriots. Those individuals, those patriots, every last one of whom offered all, many and more of whom gave all, not for the vain glory of self or to be called a patriot, but because they were patriots. The only course of action that could be accepted, the only path available was the path of the patriot. It is a sad state of affairs when the noble honorable word has become a punchline, it has even be joked about among politicians, that calling into question the patriotism of a opposing candidate is great way to increase one's own points in a political race. Our instant news age has reduced the word to a hallow shell, a shallow meaningless noun, with no true definition, merely an anti-definition, that is to say if your not called a patriot it's OK, as long as you aren't called UN-patriotic. It is a sad state when a word that has once had such a profound meaning in history, particularly the history of the United States of American, where the word has held a strong positive context, has become so over used and improperly used that it's true meaning is all but lost. The Online...
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