American Obsession with Violence

Topics: Tram accident, Traffic collision, Crash Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Violence is a reoccurring theme, specifically amongst American society, that by instinct is something to be feared. However, it is the main attraction to people when dealing with the headlines of the day or somebody witnessing a fatal car accident. In the 1996 film Crash violence has a different role within the underground community of scarred car crash victims who can only get sexually aroused by cars, the accidents that take place within them, and the story that is told by it all. This film is an indirect representation of the American culture that is obsessed with the thrill of sporadic violence due to the lack of readily experience in this nature. The imagery used in depicting the brutal environment in the dystopia Crash, the underground community guiding the protagonist within the cast, and the special effects throughout the gruesome scenes all develop the ideal that Americans have lost their innocence and sensitivity due to the media’s portrayal of violence.

The environment within the film Crash is that of one with high tension and hostility that is depicted right from the start. James, a film director, and his wife are in an open relationship that is seen as one that is struggling due to their lack of sexual desire for each other. Once James gets into a serious car accident, he is automatically drawn into a lifestyle of thrill seeking experiences within this underground society. As James explores this way of life, it is of no surprise that what he is getting himself into is much larger than what he anticipates. A major portrayal of this lifestyle is a scene where the group of scarred individuals put together a private reenactment of James Dean’s famous car accident. With the knowledge that their lives are at risk, these stuntmen collide head on intentionally and arouse the crowd within moments of impact. This portrayal of a chaotic environment is the first time we are openly witnessing a group of people supporting this ideal of violent sexual arousal....
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