American Nazi Party, Skokie, Il

Topics: Nazi Party, Nazism, Neo-Nazism Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Nationalist Socialist Party of America (American Nazi Party) had a right to march in the street in Skokie, Illinois in 1977 because the First Amendment protects their right to free speech, free press, and peaceably to assemble. The Nazis, like all citizens, are entitled to their political beliefs, even if those beliefs are sending hate messages, as long as there is not a clear and present danger, they can vocalize those beliefs. There was no clear and present danger because the Nazis had no plans to harm any citizen of Skokie, even if their message was one of hate towards those of Jewish faith. The printed materials that were being dispersed did have messages of hate but as long as there were no actions of hate, they were still protected. People that would say they do not have a right would claim that these printed materials are the threat that would be unconstitutional, and although most Americans would disagree with these beliefs, the right of the Nazis to feel this way is warranted under the constitution. The Nazis are entitled to their religious beliefs and practices, and although we do not typically look at the Nazis as a religious party, they are anti-semantic, which is itself a belief towards a religious group.

In the American justice system law and morality often are different. In a case such as this, we have to set aside our own moral and political beliefs in order to decide if the Nazis are within their constitutional right. We have to be careful if we decide to start censoring political groups because we do not agree with their beliefs because we could start falling down a slippery slope. We must remember that the Constitution is an ever-changing document that evolves with the times. My best argument would be that as long as we do not want to lose our right to have our own beliefs, we should be careful in deciding whether or not others have a right to do as they please with their own beliefs.

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