American Motocross

Topics: Motocross, Grand National Cross Country, Ricky Carmichael Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: November 30, 2010
]American Motocross
The creation of basic motorcycle racing in Britain in the early 1900s lead to the formation of today's widespread popularity of motocross, Supercross, and Harescrambles in the United States. Today, Motocross is one of America’s and Great Britain’s most widely known sports, steadily growing in popularity. Classes are broken down by engine displacement, the rider’s skill level, or the rider’s or bike’s age. One of the most popular types of cross country is called motocross. When raced on the professional level, it is called a National, or an Outdoor. There are outside, on a large open course. The terrain is natural, and it is very hard on the rider and the bike. While it is slowly being dominated by Supercross, is a big hit with fans and most riders. Some riders don’t like the nationals because they find that Supercross is the future of the sport. In motocross, there are 2 motos. A moto is a short race that usually lasts ½ hour plus 2 laps on the national level. There are 4 main motos run, two for 125s and 2 for 250s. The order the motos are run is a 125 moto, a 250 moto, the next 125 moto, and the last 250 moto. 125 and 250 is the engine displacement. The most popular bike for the 125s is actually a 250f, which is a 250cc 4 stroke. Like all engines, all motocross bikes are either 2 strokes or 4 strokes. The bike of choice is a 4 stroke as they put out more horsepower and are better for the task at hand. In fact, the American motorcycle association, which is the organizing sanction of American Motocross, is working on making 2 strokes illegal in all nationals and supercrosses. 2 strokes, nowadays, are rarely seen on the track at the nationals, simply because they aren’t competitive and enviromentalists find then hazardous to the environment. In the 250 class, this class applies to all 250 2 strokes and 450 4 strokes. Like with the 125 class, 450s are more common in this class as it is a 4 stroke and displaces more power. This class is just...
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