American Mosaic

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  • Published : August 6, 2008
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American Mosaic
Mosaic is a decorative art form that creates new images from many small pieces of dissimilarly colored materials. Through creative arrangement of different jumbled pieces, Mosaic artists can achieve a brand-new image that delivers greater beauty and more meaningful than the sum of all the pieces that makes up the mosaic. Similar to mosaic, many countries are consists of citizens with different racial and cultural backgrounds. As most people known that the most unique country is America, a land which has long attracted individuals from all over the worlds because of its embrace for openness and freedom. The United States is well-known for its diversities, which are consisting of different language, religions, cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and etc. In the readings, Reed presents ample evidences of American diversity through historical examples. Mukherjee discussed the success of United States as a melting pot of a diverse population with her personal experiences as an Indian immigrant who has lived in both Canada and United States. Moreover, Schlesinger warned us about the inevitable conflicts resulting from the blending of people if individual differences are overly emphasized. According to the authors, despite the fact that America still has some invertible challenges to work with, the U.S. has capoted in becoming a well-diversified and the most unique country in the world. The United States is the most unique country in the world due to it has being both multiethnic and multinational. In the article “America: The Multinational Society,” Ishmael Reed tells us the reason behinds the uniqueness of American is because of its mixing of multiculturalism and the positive influences from other nations. As an Afro-American, Reed describes his experiences about the cultural diversity occurred in different places in America; and he thinks that the majority of cultural influences originated from Western nations, especially the European. Through...
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