American Mentality Towards Guns

Topics: United States, Firearm, Weapon Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 12, 2013
American mentality towards guns

It's known across the world that Americans very much fancy the use of guns. Why is that? Is it a distinct American mentality, or is it simply linked to experience of living in a very violent society? Many Americans feel the need to carry a gun in order to be capable of protecting themselves at any point. This is mainly what causes the American society to turn down the introduction of gun control. Even in spite of the reality being that approving gun control could solve the problem. If guns were illegal few people would carry them, and you wouldn't need to protect yourself in the same extent as today. The need to bare a weapon came into existence due to people getting access to guns. It's reasonable to assume that urge of carrying a weapon is a result of a highly violent society. The public eye is on a daily basis brought to news stories revolving gunshots, murders or crime of another kind. Naturally this will cause an impression on the people of the nation, and that can certainly create a further, negative, outcome in matters of crime and violence. As a result of American paranoia, the majority of the American people concluded that having the opportunity to bare guns is a human right. Some even claim that it is an absolute necessity. In order to feel secure you must have a gun at reach. However, guns can in fact be the very core of the challenging, violent society that has been formed in the United States over the years. It's safe to say that people from different parts of the world have different ways of thinking. And it is only natural that we endorse differing opinions. We grow up with distinct cultures, whereas the American culture forms the citizens of the nation to embrace a differing mentality from most. As shown in the film "United states of Guns", Americans have, what can almost be called, a love affair with guns. It seems as if they hold them very dear and near to their hearts. The documentary even showed a...
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