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Ashley Bullerdick
Promotional Marketing

Reflection Paper
On March 28, 2013, I attended the March 2013 AMA Luncheon and the topic for the luncheon was “Activating Your Brand”. The focus was about experiential marketing and the bread down of tangible ways to apply experiential marketing in our won strategies. The guest speaker was Christian Bayley from Toast & Jam and he spoke about how to activate your brand, create experience, and drive awareness. His main experience that he spoke about was the DIA/DU Terminal Kings and how they brought awareness and excitement to DIA. Background/Overview

Christian Bayley was the guest speaker and he is from Toast & Jam, which is a full service experiential branding, and marketing agency. They design, build and produce moments by using digital, social, and the real world. They create awareness, build buzz and drive engagement. Their goal is to activate your brand. Toast & Jam recently put together a project for Denver International Airport who was looking at having three graffiti artists paint three eight foot tall by one hundred foot long murals on movable barricades. Toast & Jam had the opportunity to get the City of Denver into the process, build relationships between the public and the private sectors, and activate the DIA brand worldwide. That is how they came up with the brand of Terminal Kings. It was a long experience of art, music and culture. It was free to the public and people could watch as the Terminal Kings created masterpieces. There were over 8000 people that came to see the event in the ten days that it was happening. There were also thousands of people that tuned in online as well. The outcome has been that there is a strong partnership between DIA and DU and the artwork moves around the airport and the city with two permanent outdoor installations. Value of the experience

During the luncheon there were six main key techniques that I learned about from Christian Bayley as...
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