American Literature Terminology

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American Literature Test
Colonial New England period is also known as what? Puritan Era When was Jamestown established? 1607
When did the Separatists come to the New World? 1620
When did the Puritans come to America? 1630
When the Puritans came to America, where did they land? Massachusetts Bay What are the literary characteristics of the Colonial New England period? Unadorned, simple, useful, natural, utalitarian, didactic, and Biblical What are the Genres of the Colonial New England period? Propaganda (early), sermons, biographies, histories, poetry, diaries, journals, and tales of Indian captivities What types of poetry was in the Colonial New England period? Rhymed statements, long, didactic poems, historical verse, funeral elegies, and personal lyric poems Who wrote Of Plymouth Plantation? William Bradford

What is Of Plymouth Plantation about? It describes Pilgrim arriving in the New World What is the theme Of Plymouth Plantation? The providence of God manifested in the lives of His people In Of Plymouth Plantation, what boat leaks? Speedwater

In Of Plymouth Plantation, who was the only person to die on board? William Butten "Besides, what could they see but a hideous and desolate wilderness, full of wild beasts and wild men- and what multitudes there might be of them they new not." Of Plymouth Plantation What four things discouraged the pilgrims in Of Plymouth Plantation? (1)no houses, (2)were afraid of Indians, (3)winter, (4) wilderness on one side, ocean on the other In Of Plymouth Plantation, what existed to give some form of government? Mayflower Compact In Of Plymouth Plantation, what was the Pilgrim's purpose of coming to the New World? They wanted to have spiritual freedom Who was the first woman to have poetry published, wrote The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up, wrote "The Author to Her Book", was a graduate of Cambridge, wrote "Verses Upon the Burning of Our House", and wrote "Contemplations"? Anne Bradstreet What is a sestet? A group of six lines

What is the rythm of Verses Upon the Burning of Our House? AABBCC What is the theme of Verses Upon the Burning of Our House? Tragedy, and how she deals with it What does didactic mean? Teach and delight

Who is this talking about:"I blest His name that gave and took"? Job "Yet, by His gift, is made thine own.
There's wealth enough; I need no more." Verses Upon the Burning of Our House In Verses Upon the Burning of our House, Bradstreet sees her stuff as pelf. What is pelf? Her possessions are like garbage What is Iambic pentameter? ~ / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~ /

What type of rythm does Contemplations have? ABABCCC
Contemplations has how many stanzas? 7-line
In Contemplations, ABAB means what? The poet asks a question In Contemplations, CCC means what? The poet answers, or gives a truth Whose style does Bradstreet use in Contemplations? John Done and Edmund Spencer What three things does Bradstreet look at in Contemplations? She looks at (1)the nature of God, (2)the meaning of life, (3) and the existence of eternity In Contemplations, stanzas 1-9 go talks about what? God's splendor In Contemplations, stanzas 10-20 talks about what? Man's depravity, nature's beauty In Contemplations, stanza 18 talks about what? Nature is renewed, but man isn't In Contemplations, stanzas 21-28 talks about what? Nature's contentment, man's discontentment In Contemplations, stanzas 29-33 talks about what? Remedy to man's depravity -- there is an afterlife What does Bradstreet compares life to in her poem Contemplations? Voyage "O Time, the fatal wrack of mortal things,

That draws oblivion's curtains over kings,
Their sumptuous monuments, men know them not,
Their homes without a record are forgot,
Their parts, their pots, their pomp's all laid in th' dust,
Nor wit nor gold, nor building 'scape times rust;
But he whose name is grav'd in the white stone
Shall last and shine when all of these...
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