American Literature

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  • Published : December 1, 2013
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 American Literature
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American Literature
The Early Political Policies of the American government were based on imperialism rather than ensuring fair leadership and promoting good relationships with the neighboring states. According to Mark Twain, these policies were accepted in the society since the natives considered them to be the best which their government could offer.

He compares these policies with a notorious baby called Tom. He says that Tom is a bad baby who does not follow the polite ways of making requests. Whenever the baby wants anything, he cries until it is provided to him. He says that Tom would cry for nothing and claw anybody within his reach. He has a devilish temper which would make him cry until he becomes desperate for breathe. However, he says that despite the temper which even scares his parents since they think he would struggle for breathe until he dies, the baby recovers when a nurse pours water on his head.

Mark Twain uses this critic to show that the society required an activist who would manipulate the government to change its oppressive policies. He became concerned with the racism which was being exercised in the American society and decided to write about the injustices which were done to the immigrants in the nation. He exposed the evil deeds of the police especially to the immigrants who entered American from rival nations. He explains that these people could not find any better jobs than being house helps or manual workers in the industries. Moreover, the Native Americans mistreated them and paid them very little wages after performing hard tasks. These malicious practices were initiated by the governmental political policies since they were only concerned with offering good services to the natives without paying attention to the immigrants.

Rudyard Kipling who was also a socialist said that the American leadership can trace its origin from the British settlers who practiced racism. The Early Political Policies in America were aimed at conquering other nations and acquiring their resources. He wrote a poem in 1899 which criticized them Filipinos to voluntarily submit to the enslavement by their American masters. These policies led America to be engaged in many supremacy battles with other nations instead of promoting good international relationships.

The American Government got involved even in the internal affairs of other nations pretending to initiate negotiations in order to promote peace. Mark Twain was initially supporting the Americans since he thought that they were intending to bring democracy in the Philippines and Cuba republics. However, he came to know that the real motive of the American rulers was to establish their nation to be a World Imperial Power.

Mark Twain says that the American Government did not require any sufficient proof to ascertain that a particular nation was responsible for their misfortunes in order to initial war. In 1898, the American-Spanish war broke because the Americans thought that Spain was responsible for the bombing of their warship maine in Havana harbor which led to the death of 262 sailors. Though the American navy’s commission of inquiry did not find any evidence that Spain was responsible for the disaster, the McKinley’s administration went ahead to make demands to Spain which led to war between the two nations.

The Early political leaders used political polarization in order to ensure that their political parties won the trust and support of the members of the public. Barbara Sinclair says political polarization was used to change the perception of people about politics in order to consider re-electing their rulers. For instance, the Republican Party in America used this tactic to survive political competition from other elite candidates. When Political Polarization occurred in America, many of the potential candidates were locked out of the competition since it uses...
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