American Literature

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Nationalism, Life Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: December 3, 2012
American Literature Final Essay

In American Literature, the thoughts and ideals of Americans have evolved over time. These opinions and feelings have been in relation to God, man, nature, and society. All of these topics are very strong and common in the American language. Many authors have related to these ideals and have created their own sense of American Literature. Also, Romanticism and Nationalism differ within these types of styles.

God is probably the most important subject to most Americans. Many look towards God for advice and guidance to their life. With the Puritans, God chose their path in life and decided who they were going to be as a human in their community. The Puritans also saw God as a leader and the world’s most powerful being. This affected many people and their lives, even to this day.

Man was seen as a human-being, capable of doing whatever he wants if he put his mind to it. In the Crucible, man was capable of witchcraft. According to the Puritans, man was a hard worker. Work always came before play. Man was supposed to be responsible and take care of their duties at all times. Man was also classified as either wealthy or poor, which decided what type of community they lived in.

Nature is viewed as beauty but, according to the Puritans, never something that man should be controlled by. Now, with Romantics, nature was something to acknowledge and be proud of celebrating every day. Nature was supposedly a gift from God. Whitman referred to nature as such and is devoted to observing it. To others, this element of life wasn’t very important, but at least deserved some of man’s respect.

Society is the population of man. This is where all humans come together to form communities and work to meet their goals as a group, or an individual. The government played a big role in this topic. Nationalists, for example, believe that the government should only be for the people. In The Gettysburg Address, Lincoln describes the government as “of...
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