American: Land of Liberty?

Topics: United States, Western world, Rights Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: March 18, 2011
American: Land of Liberty?
About America, there are many things to think of and talk about. The more we acknowledge about that country on continent on the opposite bank across the Pacific, the more we seem to notice things more essential than the prosperous world of material on surface. The country is known by reputation as the land of liberty on the earth, and that, I believe actually refers to and represents not that little as we might think. We Chinese usually relate the word liberty to many great words as democracy, peace, civilization, prosperity and so on. However, this word has a longer history in the western world after all. It means much more and much more complicated to people living in western countries. In the not so long stream of American history, their people chose liberty. They chose their rights of liberty, and that means they chose to pay the expense of liberty as well. And then, what are among the expenses? Safety. Among the developed countries, the crime rate in America stays rather high. Despite the problem from so-called melting pot, some causes, actually come from their choice of liberty. They chose the liberty of themselves, and of using their properties as well. The bill of rights confirmed their rights from God, and also the right to for themselves to protect those rights. So it is totally legal for American people to hold weapons and carry them where belongs to themselves. Guns, for them, are just casual. Maybe that seems amazing for us living in a country forbidden to have such weapons, but for people living on the land of liberty, things are just different. From their points of view, guns are not weapons; they are rights, to a great degree. It is not the constitution that gives people this right to hold weapons, but the right itself is not to be violated. It is not any gift or favor from anyone or anything; it is a nature right from God. Democracy. We Chinese usually put the words liberty and democracy together, but for...
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