American & Iranian Cultural Differences

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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American & Iranian Cultural Differences
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ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
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Why do some cultures treat women with the up most respect and others as if they were lower than life itself? Growing up in earlier years the only examples we as American’s had was just by what we were told. In today’s world we are able to communicate better and see more of how the cultures are in other countries.

In America all are treated with equal rights, but in Iran there are those with privileges and those with none. Women are treated as slaves and they are dispensable. The Iranians have total disrespect for women.

American & Iranian Cultural Differences
When comparing cultures of Women, American women are so fortunate. They are allowed to be in total control of their lives, religious believes, who they marry, whether to have children or not. They are treated as equals to American men in today’s culture.

Women have revolutionized the American Culture in leaps and bounds since the 1920’s; going from being completely covered from head to toe; to barely wearing anything in 2010.
Even as early as the 1800’s women in America, depending on their financial status, have always had the opportunity for education available, generally most women married and had children right out of high school. They were not treated with respect nor where they taken seriously in the business world as they are today.

The days of being victimized by men in any fashion have all but disappeared. Yes, there is still job discrimination (but this occurs for all in one way or another) and women are still abused mentally, physically and sexually, there was a time when yes the American woman would have been treated as the criminal and told she “Must have done something” to deserve said action. Abuse of women in any manner is frowned upon by today’s American Culture.

Men today are raised in a Culture where women are equal...
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