American Influence on Saudi Arabia

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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American Influence On Saudi Arabia

American culture has influenced on many of the world's countries. As a student , I can see differences in the American culture . We can find American culture everywhere in the world , including in Saudi Arabia. The first month I spend in the US, I got shocked by their culture. During the time, I found several cultural influences on Saudi Arabia, which can be classified into three groups: language ,eating habits and education.

The most important thing is language, specifically English , which is now a common language around the world. One of the biggest influences on my culture is the English language. English has had a big influence on the Arabic language itself ; in fact , some in Saudi Arabia use English as if it were Arabic . The English language has had influence on my culture . For instance, when the students in my old high school want to chatting each other's they always use English shortcuts ; on the other hand, that's wrong way to use English because that's going to effect on their mother language and they are going to lose it soon.

The second influence is on the food. For example , eating habits have changed and people now choose fast food as one of their important meals; on the other hand , although many people rejected fast foods influence, many people now also enjoy eating fast food. In fact, there are more fast food restaurants today than traditional restaurants. For example , there are always a lot of people at McDonald's in Jeddah and one of the reasons that we are addicted to fast food is that they prefer the cheap food.

American culture has also had an influence on the education system in my country , specifically in the way of teaching and the students work. Many Arab teachers now follow the American way , and the students now share information and work together in the same class. However , some schools do not use...
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