American Industrialization

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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American Industrialization
Nathan Bates
AIU Online

This paper explores industrialization and how the process impacted events in American history. The American Industrial Revolution was immensely consequential and influenced events which have produced the modern society of today. Secondly, this essay will provide descriptions of both, positive and negative, effects that industrialization has had on the lives of Americans and the nation as a whole. Lastly, an analysis of how the Industrial Revolution in American history served as a benefit or a detriment to the nation and the citizens of America.

American Industrialization
Historically, industrialization of any society marks an experience and phase of historic significance. In addition to practices such as farm production, societies are awarded the process of manufacturing, producing an astounding and substantial impact in every aspect of life (Beck, 1999). As a result of the American Industrial Revolution, modern society benefited from advances in technology, employment increases, and an overall improvement in the quality of daily life. American Industrial Revolution: Positive Effects

Developments of industrialization positively affected Americans during the Industrial Revolution. Two advances during this period that had an impact on society and escalated American advancement were transportation and the creation of jobs. Transportation vastly improved the lives of citizens with the completion of roads, canal systems, steamboats, the Transcontinental Railroad and public mass transit (Lipovac, 2011). Innovations in textiles, steam power and iron works produced numerous jobs which brought many individuals looking for work into the cities (Bond, 2003). As people moved from rural to urban areas, cities progressed and expanded which led to vast amounts of innovations, greatly improving the quality of life for citizens as well as improved commerce and economy for the nation as a whole. American...
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