American Industrial Worker ( 1865-1900)

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Free Response Question:
Analyze the impact of any TWO of the following on the American industrial worker between 1865 and 1900. -Labor unions

During the late 1800s (1865-1900s), the blossom of an era was developed, the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution provided the means and demands for more work and more workers. These demands for more work and workers were fairly high and the pressures of harder work and lesser pay became more of an issue during this time period. Thus the formation of labor unions came into place. Opressed industrial workers realized that they can stand to protect thier interests in collective bargaining for the better of a postive work environment and the workers themselves. The Industrial Revolution also created popular inquiry for more immigration workers which meant lower pay for much more difficult work. The immigration process of new workers also formed racial tensions with southern and eastern Europeans and native- born Americans. Though the impact of labor unions and immigration have both affected the American industrial worker and the work feild intentively, the relazation of labor unions of collective bargaining have become a huge issue for employers, while the immigrants have increased the popular demand for lower pay, but harder work in comparison to "higher- leveled" citizens.

What are unions and in further case, why are unions formed? Unions are organizations that are made up of workers that help protect worker's interest, whether it be through violent strikes or collective bargaining. During the industrial revolution, the amount of workers rose (because of immigration) which meant lower wages and abuse of employee's work. Thus labor unions formed in order to protect the hard working laborers in the work feild such as the National Labor Union (which eventually failed during the 1873 depression), the Knights of Labor (which declined in membership after the Haymarket Square Incident), and the...
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