American Imperialism; “World Domination”?

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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American Imperialism; “World Domination”?
The concept of American Imperialism was first popularized during the presidency of James K. Polk. He led America into the Mexican American War of 1846 where America took more than 55 percent of Mexico’s land. Fifty-four years later, American Imperialism was once again popularized; hence, America’s desire for land was awakened. America felt that their expansion of land was both for human’s sake and for the economic and social benefit. With this idealism, Americans thought American Imperialism would be a crucial movement towards America’s prosperity. Radical views on American Imperialism contained the thought of the Anglo-Saxon race being the superior race. In Document B, Josiah Strong, an American protestant, saw as America was the ideal country for the world domination; mostly due to America’s high number of Anglo-Saxon citizens. He emphasizes God’s support towards the Anglo-Saxon race in the conquest of the world [Document B]. Josiah Strong’s statements reiterated the Anglo-Saxon supremacy and its destiny to spread itself over the Earth. Along with Anglo-Saxon race supremacy, came empire supremacy. The goal of America being the superior empire and potential ruler of the world was a huge concept for the historian, Brooks Adams. Brooks Adams saw America’s current progress over the world and then predicted its overall success as the superior empire. He stated that eventually America would “Outweigh any single empire,” and that by the end, “… The whole world would pay her tribute” [Document C]. American Imperialism at this time was already in progress. Brooks Adams knew this, and he then went on by making a prediction of its success. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States from 1901-1909, was also an influential person on American Imperialism. His view over American Imperialism could be characterized as an aggressive since it had to be done before others take it all. Theodore Roosevelt saw American...
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