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Topics: United States, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 9, 2013
American Imperialism
Imperialism means to have an unequal human and territorial relationship, usually in the form of an empire, based on ideas of superiority and practices of dominance, and involving the extension of authority and control of one state or people over another. While the concept of imperialism did accomplish many things it still had its down falls. One thing the concept of imperialism accomplished was the building of The Panama Canal. This was a good thing because it provided a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans which was good for exchanging goods. This was a bad thing because America still went and built The Panama Canal even though the Spanish did want them to. At the turn of the 19th century imperialism was not a proper and legitimate policy for the United States because it was politically, military and socially problematic. Many problems were created because of imperialism. Some of those problems were political problems. Henry Cabot Lodge said that the Philippines "have never known liberty"(Doc.6). Many people such as politicians thought that some territories were easily influenced by the concept of imperialism because of many journalists. Henry Lodge's statement is not true because the invasion of our country is the exact opposite of letting liberty into our country. The Ant-Imperialistic League stated that "imperialism is hostile to liberty"(Doc.7). The Ant-Imperialistic League showed how imperialism really was and told how it was unfair for the United States to take advantage of innocent people. That is how imperialism in the United States created many political problems. As imperialism created many political problems it also created many military problems. Problems were created because of the invasion of other countries which did not help the United States. President Mckinley stated that "we could not give them back to Spain"(Doc.3). "The Spanish American war took place because of America's expansion...
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