American Imperialism-Since the American Revolution

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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American Imperialism

HIS 204
Professor Matthew Laubacher
July 05, 2010

American Imperialism
Since the American Revolution, American Imperialism has been a part of the United States since the late Nineteenth century. Imperialism is a practice which powerful nations or people seek to expand or control weaker nations or people. This idea was not supported by all Americans. The Anti-Imperialist league was founded in 1899; they believe that we should not be involved of the affairs of other nations. Most Americans however found that Imperialism is a necessity in order to take over other people’s countries by taken over pieces of their land in order to build a country that would be the power house among nations. The United States role expanded as an imperialistic nation, to derive economic benefits. Overseas provided a cheap labor force, also plenty of raw natural resources which fueled the United States economy. Other nations also sought power and practiced Imperialism. To understand why most Americans believed Imperialism was necessary, we first must understand it and the ideology behind it. There are three reasons why Imperialism is supported by Americans, first there is economic reasons, providing materials to factories and manufactured goods. There is a desire to be great the great power, to be great you must control power around the world. Beliefs in moral superiority, the ability to rule less able countries. The United States was never isolated from the rest of the world. The US was an active member in world affairs, trade making that possible. During the period of the 1890’s the US became the most important industrial power in the world. Markets and areas had to be found to obtain raw materials. Other areas of the world were also looked at as potential customers for US products. The US military was growing and expanding where they lacked the ability to go before. The presidency of Theodore Roosevelt gave the US major military, economic,...
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