American Identity Paper: Introduction

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  • Published : June 9, 2011
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American Identity Paper
January 17, 2010

The early Colonist could not have envisioned the nation they have cultivated. These immigrants’ simple god-fearing people joined forces in a common goal to rid themselves from the oppression and shackles of Europe, stepping up from poverty through hard work to make a better life in a relative virgin country. A visual dictation is introduce to the people of that time through Michel ' Guillaume Jean de Cr'vecoer a Frenchman who travels the land and gives an observation of comparisons between Europe and this New World over a period of ten years beginning in 1759. This listing from positive diction to create the greatness of America and negative diction to build the depressions of Europe, contrast each other to support Crevecoeur's ideals of American culture, which will allow prosperity. He mentions “Equitable” (Crevecoeur, p.49) generally refers to American way of life for an entire society “unfettered and unrestrained”. (Crevecoeur, p.50) These ways of life include a common general ethnicity, dress, religion, rituals, language, manners, and morals of the society in general, is referred to as a Culture of equal standing people could be easily described among a group of “individuals who work for themselves.” (Crevecoeur, p.50) He asserts that Americans due to the less defined notions of being rich or poor and the ability to become a landowner to improve one’s status easily fostered ‘the American idea of working for one's self.” (Crevecoeur, p.50) This important aspect to the American social hierarchy allowed for the development of industry in America. This was de Crevecoeur's image of this country his whole idea of a poor, middle, and upper class may have some equality in life. For example, as the Americans began to work for themselves and create or provide certain products or services, industries begin to develop between the groups of common service or product providers. The...
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