American Identity Paper

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, North America, United States Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: November 11, 2010
American Identity Paper
In J. Hector St. John Crevecoeur’s 1782 letter “What Is an American” he distinguishes American’s from Europeans in a few ways. One of the ways in which Hector distinguishes American’s from Europeans is by giving examples of the political statues. An example is that the great lords possess all and the people possess nothing because they have to answer to the kings, bishops, and courts. In America there are no great lords to control the people. Americans can make their own choices to a point. In Europe the rich and the poor segregated whereas here in America the rich and poor are not. Another example is moral values. They travel the same roads and live in the same communities. He talked about how good the roads were. He mentioned how in Europe the monarch had lots and the other people had nothing. In America everyone is a farmer, or wives of a farmer instead of the industry. In Europe there are kings, courts, bishops, and aristocratic families, in American everyone was the same. Life in the British North American colonies contributed to the creation of a unique American identity by different things. On Sunday everyone gathered in congregation of people from different from different aspects. No matter what they came in or what they wore, for instance neat homespun clothes, or wagons that weren’t the best. St. John described pastor’s simple flock to a farmer that didn’t riot against others. He said they were a perfect society. People from all over came together to from the English, Scottish, Irish, French, and the Sweden’s all came together to live in what is now known as America. Hector showed how Americans can live and work together regardless of our roles in society. It does not matter whether or not they were rich or poor, when in the time of need Americans would pull together to help each other out. British North American colonies also contributed to the creation of a unique American identity in the way they Americans have...
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