American Identity: Martin Luther King Jr vs Declaration of Independence vs the Gettysburg Address

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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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American Identity

Martin Luther King Jr Vs Declaration of Independence Vs The Gettysburg Address

In this assignment I have chosen to analyse the three texts; “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr., “The Bliss version of the Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln, and “The American Declaration of Independence”. The reason why I chose to compare the two speeches “I have a Dream” and “the Gettysburg Address” with the “American Declaration of Independence” is due to them being an important part of American history. They both refer to the “American Declaration of Independence” and they both contain similarities that connect them.

In The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln explains that many years ago, the forefathers of the American nation came together to write the Declaration of Independence, and he reminds the people that the nation must remember their forefathers and their deeds, and that the nation must rebuild their country after the Civil War, lest their forefathers died in vain.

In Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, ”I have a Dream”, he also reminds America of something, yet this time, he reminds them that the forefathers of America stated in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal. He then proceeds to explain that this equality was not true in America at that time – the blacks were not free at all. Finally, he explains his dream of freedom for everyone to those gathered to hear the speech – a dream where everyone is, in fact, created equal.

Finally, in the Declaration of Independence, the foundation for the first two speeches is laid, along with the foundations of America: That, no matter who you are, you have some basic rights that includes “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Also, it is stated very early in the speech that “all men are created equal.” These statements do not come alone. Afterwards follows a long list of crimes of King George the Third of Great Britain. Finally, the declaration states the...
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