American Identity Dbq

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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The American Revolution was not a single event which sprung to being- it depended on the people of the American colonies. The identity and the unity these colonists would obtain during the last few decades before the Revolution were important in the eventually successful revolution. By the eve of Revolution, the colonists had established unique American identity- effects of the exclusively American ‘Great Awakening’ were still being felt, and American luminaries were discovered. Through the Committees of Correspondence and Continental Congress, a sense of unity began to emerge. However, some groups posed a threat to the idea of American unity- one major group being the Sons of Liberty.

A separate American identity was bound to appear at some point. America on the eve of revolution boasted the most diverse group of people in the world. The Great Awakening, which took place in the early 1700’s, further developed a tepid democracy in the colonies- more choice was given to the colonists on which religion they want to follow, whether it be the ‘New Lights’ or the old style, pre Awakening preachers. Another dimension was added as new types of people swarmed in to the colonies. It was obvious that there was diversity- a mix of French, Dutch, and English was totally unorthodox, and it created a new type of people (doc H). As the French and Indian War passed, and British taxes arrived, another example of this identity presented itself. The lack of representation in parliament, and the consequences for England, proved that the Americans did not want to be treated just like any old English town. The separation and diversity had resulted in a place which could not be properly represented by normal Englishmen in parliament (doc B). This lack of connection showed how different the people in Britain’s colonies had become, and that they were more American at heart now than British. Despite all these signs pointing towards an American identity, evidence exists which begs to...
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