American Identity

Topics: United States, New York City, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The United States of America , a country where people often said to be full of opportunity and liberty . What is the reason that leads America to a big success we had today ? Being the first world’s largest multiracial society, The American Identity pertain to equality , unity and tolerance . Which people in this country is treated in concord and beneficiary environment . Through different perspective where American Identity is categorized as equality , unity and tolerance in the world leading multiracial society . I extracted some reference from one of the mainstream magazine Times magazine , published in 1997 ,introducing an interesting topic called The New Face of America followed by a fascinating cover with a cover picture of a female face computerized by a mixture of races and ethnicities . We are barely able to identify the ethnicity of her based on what we scrutinized from what we observed . From this image , it is significantly proven that American no longer consist the majority population of black and white but is neutralized into a community of multiracial people . It is a symbol that a whole new American Identity is being a part of the multiracial community where everyone is united and equal regardless of their different background . It is because this country is changing swiftly as Americans are formed by a diversity of races from time to time . Equality , unity and tolerance is preserved in the American identity as we are living as a no1 multiracial society . From some daily life observations living in New York City ,one of the most linguistically diverse global city in the world . We have seen a diversity of people working and living together on daily basis . People shared public transportations to work , creating chance to meet a diversity of people from place to place . Sharing culture heritage by visiting some re-known places such as china town , little Italy and Korean town and acknowledging different...
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