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American History X

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“American History X”
Young brother Danny, (Edward Furlong), idolizes and looks up to his older brother Derek, (Edward Norton). The only problem is that Derek is the leader of a skinhead pack. The movie takes place in Venice Beach California, where skinhead’s run the town. One-night two black kids attempt to steal Derek's car, as the result of a feud that happened during a basketball game. Derek shoots one, and the other he curb stomps, killing both. He's convicted of murder and sent to prison for three years. When Derek gets out of prison, he attempts to find a new path to go down for himself and his brother. Some may say the film came out as too racist, vulgar, and judgmental. When in all “American History X” is simply a powerful film that takes you into the soul of a young man trying to fight for his life. “In telling their stories, the film employs the language of racism--the gutter variety and more sophisticated variations. The film is always interesting and sometimes compelling, and it contains more actual provocative thought than any American film on race (Ebert)”. David McKenna wrote a great story and gets his point through with racism, strong characters, and the hope of change.

Many will say that the film “American History X” is a film only about racism. Some will say that it’s offensive and disgusting how one can write such a story. The truth is that the idea of racism portrayed in the movie is an incredible learning experience. Derek is apart of a highly racist group that call themselves the Nazi’s. These people look down on any other culture but themselves, and will do anything to get rid of them. Derek’s biggest racist scene was when he killed the blacks for trying to steal his car. This landed him a spot in prison, and this is where his life changing experience occurred. The first half of the movie is pro racism Derek, and the second half is anti racism Derek. When in prison, he becomes friends with a black male, and is betrayed by the Nazi...

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